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Robi is a smart companion for kids with and without ADHD. It is designed in a way that it can help both, the kids and their parents. Because we know how difficult it can get for parents who do not have enough knowledge about the topic. The app makes it easier for the parents to organise and communicate better with their kids.

The Team


My Roles

Desktop Research

Market Research

User Research

Concept Ideation

User Interface

Logo Design

The Tools





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How can Parents help their Kids with ADHD to build Self Esteem to

develop Social Skills.


Initial topic for this project was "social skill development in kids" but after an interview with child psychologist we learnt that average kids do not have trouble learning social skills but it is difficult for kids with Autism and ADHD.

Types of ADHD



Predominantly Inattentive

The majority of symptoms

fall under inattention.

Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive

The majority of symptoms are hyperactive and impulsive.


This is a mix of inattentive symptoms and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms.

Prevalence of ADHD

UxDA- Rp1.002.png

ADHD - Symptoms & Problems caused

Education Today

UxDA- Rp1.001.png

Parents point of view

We started off by sending google forms to find contacts of parents whose kids are either diagnosed with or have symptoms of ADHD. And through this we managed to have 7 interviews

Potential Users

Learning from the Best

Next step was to take expert opinion, to gain better understanding of the topic, verify some of our desktop research and finally make a choice for our user persona.

User Persona and Journey

Jason, 40 yrs / Jessica, 35 yrs

Parents of 2 kids

Ron, 5yrs

Diagnosed with ADHD

Must have, Should have & Nice to have

UxDA- Rp2.001 copy 3.png
UxDA- Rp2.002.png

Concept Ideation

Click on the arrows to see the concept ideation phase

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Untitled_Artwork 5

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Ux Awards LP

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Pre Concepts

UxDA- Rp2.gif

Concept Testing Workshop

We then tested out the main ideas behind our 3 concepts through a workshop for kids


To test the surprise and customisation aspect


To test out the aspect of Building and Bonding between parents and kids

Digi Bud

To test the idea of having a digital companion at all times with the kid

Brainstorming the details

After the workshop and a few interviews we decided to go ahead with the concept of having a companion So we took out our crayons and started brainstorming on the details and experience of the concept

Involving other designers

To have an outer perspective, we invited our fellow designer classmates to sketch out their perspective of a desktop robot companion

Back to being Kids

We then had a fun activity to make shapes out of play doh to ideate on how we would've liked our companion to look like when we were kids

Final Shape ideation

Low to High Fidelity Wireframes


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An Experience

During our research we learnt that the problem starts from being aware of the topic. The whole process of ADHD can be divided into 3 parts Awareness, Diagnosis and Development. So we wanted to create an experience that would help our users in all these aspects to at least some extent.


We wanted to use the website to it's fullest  potential. so we started off by creating a page where the parents can learn and understand the topic and then proceed to consult a specialist nearby who can help them and their kids for the process of diagnosis.


The user can buy Robi from this website. It has a page where the parent can understand and learn about the product and the features it has to offer. They can then later proceed to customise Robi with their kid according to their liking.

Set Up

Login and connect Robi to the app, here the kid can also give Robi a pet name of their choice.


Connect to device

Learning from experiences

The Articles page has Articles written by other parents or experts sharing their knowledge and experience. This can help other parents to learn more about their child's behaviours and things that work for other kids with ADHD

Community Building

Exchange first hand info with other parents, share articles, stay in contact with the experts you met on the website and build your own community.


Under the profile section, the parent can find a progress chart for their kid, this chart shows the number of tasks completed by the child on a daily and weekly basis. It also shows the ongoing social skills the child is learning and it's progress.


The homepage has quick access to the main features that the parents might require on a day to day basis.


In the schedule section, the parent can set a schedule and set reminders for the child which will be displayed on Robi and Robi will encourage the kid to perform these tasks.

UxDA- Rp3.001.png

Scenario Learning

The next quick feature the app has to offer is scenario learning. Here the parent can go through a list of scenarios they would like their kid to learn. The parent can play this scenario on their phone or add it to their kid's schedule

Play now or Later

The parent can add the scenario to the child's schedule at a specific time and turn on an alert for the same.



The scenario will automatically start playing at this time, it's a roleplaying activity that the child will have to participate in by answering simple questions . The actions the kid takes will show his understanding and learning of these social skills.

One Step at a time

It is important to give kids with ADHD simple step by step instructions for any task and it is something that might get difficult for parents who are not used to it so the audio instructions feature can help them with this.

Always there to Support

Robi is always there to motivate your child in your absence

Product Details

Charging Dock


Hand Movement

Technical Aspect

Tempered glass


Rechargeable Battery Pack

Touch Sensor


Touch Display

Servo Motor

Charging Dock

A variety of Colours

Soft touch,


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