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Isha Patil/P&G

Procter & Gamble

I had an opportunity to work in collaboration with one of the biggest multinational consumer goods company in my first year of Post Graduation. This was my very first experience as a team manager and was also my first project as an interaction designer. During this project we faced a lot of challenges and experimented with multiple Ux tools. As the project is under NDA, we are not allowed to talk about it but below are some of my learnings.

The Team

My Roles

Team leadership

Desktop Research

User Research

User Interface

Concept Ideation

Visual Design

3D Modelling and Rendering

Isha Patil/P&G



The Tools





InPerson & Remote work


Overcome Challenges

A project that initially started with 3 people ended with only 2 as one of the teammates had to leave in between. So we learnt to adapt and overcome the situation and complete a project that is usually done by a group of 5 members with success


All of us came from different backgrounds and academic years with different schedules so it was upto me to plan and assign tasks in advance while keeping space for sudden assignments and submissions that may arise for me and my teammates

Client Relations

My first time working on a client project as a manager that too with such a big client was definitely intimidating, but it taught me how important it was to be clear in communication and always ask questions no matter who it is on the other end.

It was my first long project after officially stepping into Interaction design. It changed the way I looked at projects. It was my chance to finally put the teachings from the classroom on the field by using various methods of user research and user testing.

Ux Approach

Story Telling

The project was divided into 3 phases for Analysis, Creativity and Development. Where I overtook the task of making the presentations. This gave me a chance to improve my storytelling skills making the presentations easy to comprehend and interactive

Exchanging Cultures

Being in a team of people from different countries helped us widen our perspective. I learnt how a simple day to day task differs culturally and has an impact on people's lives.

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