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I'm Isha

Currently, I'm in my final year of masters in Interaction design at ISD Rubika, France🇫🇷. Formerly, I completed my Bachelors in Product Design.

Having a family background in Arts and Science I’ve always loved

creating things using all kind of different medias. This has made me into an experimental being. Being an ambivert it helps me to always step out of my comfort zone.

My aim is to understand and help people in their day to day life by creating an impact, even if it is a small one. 


I am interested in all kind of projects involving technology, consumer electronics and psychology. But am always up for a challenge as i love constantly learning new things, it is something that excites me. So I always try to have a positive approach and try to make the best out of everything that comes my way.

Apart from working, you will find me clicking pictures📸, dancing💃, cooking 🥘 or discovering new music 🎧.

Check out My current favorite playlist! 🤗

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